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DELIVERY HOURS: Mon to Thurs: 3PM to 8PM, Fri & Sat: 3PM to 8:30PM, and Sun: 2PM to 7PM.
TAKEOUT HOURS: Mon to Thurs: 3PM to 9PM, Fri & Sat: 3PM to 9:30PM, and Sun: 2PM to 8PM.
Please Note: Delivery will cost an additional $5.00.
When you order online takeout or delivery you receive 10% off your order price!
If you would like to check out our menu during offline hours please visit our Menu page.
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Please allow 45 minutes for pickup once you complete your order. If you would like to specify a pickup time other than 45 minutes from order completion you can do so when filling out your details.

Please allow at least 60 minutes for delivery. Weekend deliveries will sometimes be longer.
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